Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

I am twenty-three years old today. Can you believe that shizzledizzle? Yeah, me neither.

New cheapo F21 dress for dinner tonight. I know it's probably a knock-off. $30 beats $300!

I look like a Freddy Krueger lobster because I was at the beach all week. Ouch.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter.

Friday, March 14, 2008


If ever there was a frumpy old lady dresser, it's me. I can't help but love flowy layers. But I think my old lady style of drapey cardigans and dresses far surpasses the MK trashcanhobo style of yesteryear. It works for me.

I'm ready to picnic in the fields of Montevallo. Or wherever boy is taking me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today was absolutely beautiful. I'm sad I had to go into work, I would have much rather been outside. A manager went tanning on her break and all I could think about was how I wanted the warm sun toasting my skin. By the time I got to the park at 5:30pm it was already a little chilly but still nice as people were playing with frisbee and kissing beneath a tree (seriously.)

Here's to hoping Spring is finally here! I do not want another cold rainy day!

Forever 21; surprisingly good for Spring

If you're broke like me, but want some pretty new things to add to your spring wardrobe, I suggest you go to your neighborhood Forever 21. Yeah yeah, I know you think it's going to fall apart in a day, but not if you sift through to the well made stuff. I've only had 1 shirt fall apart, so I don't know where people get that nonsense. If you like pretty lacey things (like me!) that bring to mind images of Victorian girls in lace boots, running through a meadow, or an afternoon teaparty--you are sure to find something at F21. There are tons of pretty tops and cute knitted cardigans. And quite a few jersey dresses (mmm jersey! so cool on a summer day). Go now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Got one, finally

Now I just need some hot guy to roll around in the sand with.

It's true

Definitely purchased fedora from men's side. I like it. I hope it's not too big?
I want more. Hats could be my new Spring accessory

Monday, March 10, 2008

I again went out looking for swimsuits and had no luck :(

TJ Maxx, Target, and Old Navy were all no gos.

I want chic cheap. Okay?

I did however get a fedora and an awesome rug for my next apartment which I shall be moving into at the beginning of May. Oh YAY.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Cleaning

The windows are open, letting in fresh clean Birmingham smog. I'm airing the place out. It's yet another day off and instead of spending it in bed or on the sofa, I'm cleaning this box from top to bottom!

40 in counting

Tonight I decided to count and photograph my dress collection. Since the beginning of 2007 it has more than doubled. I had 16 then, I have 40 now. Since no one reads this journal, I do not care to post all the pictures. I already did that over on LJ and Facebook. Stalk them there if you're curious.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Interview Attire

I really feel like I'm dumbing myself down by applying to these retail positions. I have a degree and I want to use it!

I spent the last 8 hours (okay, that's an exaggeration) reworking my resume and filling out an application for a Social Service Caseworker.

Tomorrow I go on yet another mindless interview in which I'm sure to be turned down. I know I haven't been prepared going into these things - I didn't know you had to wear hose or I didn't research the company (mostly because my mother sent out a bunch of resumes to people and I just answered the phone. How was I supposed to know what the company even was?) and my resume was probably subpar. But now that isn't going to happen because I'm not returning any calls I don't recognize, I've fixed my resume, and I'm clued in on appropriate interview wear.

All that is well and good, but tomorrow I'm interviewing at a teeny bopper clothing store - not as an administrative assistant or receptionist of some kind. Think Forever 21 but one of the competitors. I am desperate for work as I can barely pay my bills. In fact, well, I can't. Not on what Banana Republic pays me.

Anyway, the point is that I don't need my resume, my degree, or even my interview attire. I just need to have managerial skills (I do!) and look good. Or look skank? I don't know. But this is what I plan on wearing:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Break packing

Oh, I'm so excited for the beach!

I need to get that swimsuit. Batteries for my cd player, snacks, sunscreen, cds to make some mixed beach tunes, and a camera. I'm sure I'll think up something else.

Pack a dress or 2. Or all dresses?? Oh, my newly made denim skirt! I can bring that.
I saw this one at intermix:

I think the one I made is just as good.

So yeah, swimsuit, batteries, pillow, dresses, undies, sunscreen, toiletries, OH, I need some flip flops!, um, snacks, camera, beach chair, yeah....

I need a swim suit ASAP

I absolutely hate swimsuit shopping. It is nearly impossible to find a suit for my oddly shaped body. 5'1, petite, and big boobs.

Last year, a shelled out a heck of a lot of $ for a two piece, and now I hate it. It deforms my chest and I do not want to wear it again this year. 2-pieces are out. I want a 1-piece. I'd like a monokini but fitting my chest in one that doesn't show most all my goods doesn't seem possible.

I want my bum and bust tucked in and covered. Coverage is key. But at the same time I want mad sex appeal. Not mamaswimsuit. No. And there's a lot of mom suits out there.

Here we go:
Said swimsuit from last year.
It's still a really good suit, but some small boobie chick would look better in it.

Do you see? Do you? It's terrible. Why did you let me go out in public in that thing?

Someone once told me bigger chested girls should wear halter tops. It keeps 'em up and high. Well, I think it makes me look shorter and I just look fat in this. $20 from TJ Maxx last year. Never wore it.

So, yesterday I went to Macy's to check out their selection. They had nothing!

Yah, you know your 87 year old grandma would rock this. Ugh.

So, I decided to skim the internet. These are my top boobs in, sex up, selections.




I think I could pull these off. I have a really hard time figuring out what color would look good on me since I'm so pale. I never get more than a golden glow (after severe burn) swimsuit shopping is all around a scary horrible unexciting chore for me.


I love March. It's my favorite month. March is synonymous with Spring!, daylight savings, green trees, flowers blooming, warm breezey weather, swimsuit shopping, spring cleaning, and of course equipping my wardrobe with pretty delicate drapey dresses and flowy skirts and blouses in colors most romantic and dreamy. Think Marie Antoinette-that's how I want my Springs to be.

Here's a few items on my wishlist (dresses of course!):

This dress is beautiful. But at $2000+ I think I can live without it. There's always something similar at a cheaper price.

Mini dresses are great. I love the pretty detailing at the sleeve and the pale yellow.

I love the pop of red. It's super feminine yet has a touch of menswear. Mmhmm.

These last two dresses from Francesca's and Target, respectively, won't break the bank.

This dress is only $40 from the Go Internatonal line. This month is Jovavich-Hawk. What does Jovavich NOT do? Act, sing, design clothes. She's one neat lady.